What does Telecoms do for Businesses?

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Table of Contents

  1. What does a Telecoms System do?  
  2. How can Telecoms Help your Business Succeed?  
  3. What is a Telecoms Package?  
  4. What is the Best Telecoms System For Business?  
  5. What is a VoIP solution?  
  6. How does VoIP Work?  
  7. Is VoIP the right solution for me?   
  8. Will a VoIP solution work if my broadband is slow?  
  9. Why use an IT company to Manage your Telecoms?  
  10. What does a Onestop IT VoIP Solution offer you?  
  11. Interested?  

Telecoms or telecommunications is a broad term that encompasses technology services designed to connect people and businesses. Telecom’s systems are used every day by millions of people all around the world. The telecommunications industry has been around for over 150 years, with the first telegraph being sent in 1844 when Samuel Morse sent an electrical signal down two miles worth of wireline with his assistant Alfred Vail located just 100 yards away from where he would then decipher it into letters and numbers using light pulses – this laid the groundwork for the business telecoms systems we use today.  

What does a Telecoms System do? section_1

With advances in technology, telecommunications networks have become a crucial part of our lives. These complex systems can now be found all over the world and connect people from different countries to one another instantaneously. 

Telecommunication networks are transmission systems enabling information to be transmitted between various sites by means of electromagnetic or optical signals which may consist primarily of audio data but other types such as video or some other type including text messages also exist depending on what is needed for communication purposes at that particular time.  

How can Telecoms Help your Business Succeed? section_2

Telecommunications is an extremely valuable tool for any business. It helps companies to communicate more effectively with their customers and provides them with the ability to provide excellent customer service, which can be done from anywhere in the world. Telecommunications also allows employees who are located remotely or locally to collaborate easily by giving them access to a shared data environment using tools like Voice over IP (VOIP) services that enable voice communications across networks without going through traditional telephone systems thus reducing costs while improving the quality of communication channels as well as productivity levels. 


What is a Telecoms Package? section_3

Telecoms Packages have been increasing in popularity, and are better deals than buying each service separately. Telecommunications companies love them because they boost revenue per customer and lock users into long-term contracts, typically one to two years. This makes bundles a great option for those who want all their services under the same roof rather than shopping around multiple providers; bundling can save customers time as well as money! 

What is the Best Telecoms System For Business? section_4

A VoIP system or Voice Over Internet Protocol is one of the best business communication solutions. It is the way of the future, and we have listed here five reasons why you should swap to VoIP today. 

Is a VoIP Solution an all-in-one System? 

You can make multiple calls at the same time, access voicemail via email and send SMS. However it has so many more features including call waiting, call forwarding and blocking; you also have a speed dial feature! 

Is a VoIP Solution Easier to Manage and Maintain? 

With VoIP, you can have a unified communications database that is converged (works seamlessly) over many communication types like voice information and data. This means there are more benefits such as the ability to easily move desks or conference rooms without losing connection in either direction of the conversation. The network adjusts itself for you according to your needs- so it makes things much simpler! Not only does this mean less frustration on hand but also a huge cost benefit with all these conveniences right at your fingertips 

How will a VoIP Solution Enhance my Network Management? 

You’ll be able to manage all the data that travels across your LAN or WAN network with ease, which will make it easier for you to locate and fix any issues. VoIP comes equipped with tools that allow you to support your network more efficiently–making life a lot less stressful in an already busy office! You can also use VoIP’s ability to detect problems before they get out of hand so there are no pesky surprises down the line. 

 How much does a VoIP Solution Cost? 

VoIP is a revolution in telecommunications. It will make your communications cheaper and also cut down on the need to have internal resources that keep up with day-to-day communication running costs. You can take advantage of cloud features, which all adds up to savings for you! 

 Does it work on an existing system? 

The current telephone system you have should be able to be adapted into the new VoIP network. It probably already has digital capabilities. If you have the PBX system, it will be easy. This means that you do not need to reinvest in the basic infrastructure, so your original investment is saved. 

What is a VoIP solution? section_5

The best telecommunications system is the one that fits your business needs. If you are looking for a VoIP, DMS, or some other type of solution then it’s important to find something which covers all of these areas. These types of systems generally come outfitted with an auto attendant and everything from call routing to voicemail on hold and much more. 

How does VoIP Work? section_6

The VoIP software converts the analogue audio signals into digital data, which it transmits over a public internet or private IP network. You can make calls from your computer to another computer and landlines as well as mobile phones with ease! 

Is VoIP the right solution for me?  section_7

VoIP can be complicated and can be overwhelming if you’re not tech-savvy. It does have a lot of benefits, but there are some things to consider before making the switch from your traditional phone line service: 

A good broadband connection will work better than dial-up internet for VoiP connections. Many people in rural areas lack reliable high-speed internet so this would affect their ability to make use of VoIP services; *VoIP requires at least one telephone handset per person/client that needs access to do business on it – meaning costs could go up rather quickly depending on how many lines every individual employee or customer uses. You’ll need an alternative number ready just in case something goes wrong with your VoIP system.  

This may have made your mind up but hold on a sec. BT are phasing out the old ISDN lines that legacy systems are based on. So, in a couple of years, landlines may not even be a thing anymore. Do you really want to spend all of that money on a landline system for it only to be used for a couple of years then thrown in the bin. Another point is fibre optic is becoming more steadily available in rural places around the UK and it will only continue to become better and faster.  

Will a VoIP solution work if my broadband is slow? section_8

A true VoIP telephone system will require a relatively good broadband connection. If your business has a slow broadband connection Onestop IT could help you out. Our team of professional at Onestop can help improve this for you, just give us a call. If improving your broadband is not possible you can still use VoIP technology to help your business, however, you will need the old ISDN channels installed for external calls with a VoIP system operating internally. 

Why use an IT company to Manage your Telecoms? section_9


I want to tell you a simple truth – traditional telecoms companies and their phone systems are a thing of the past. New data-driven softphone solutions are taking centre stage driven by the need for businesses to integrate phones and IT. System management and support for these critical systems are now essential. This means telecoms has moved from a buy and forget purchase to one that requires a new partner-based model, where the system can be configured on-demand to match the changing needs of your business and the other IT systems you use such as CRM systems, ERP, or even the chat functionality on your website – the current buzzword in the industry is Omnichannel – communicating with your customers how and where they want to communicate with you.   

I apologise if I offend any telecoms people, but as an industry you are used to selling products, not delivering responsive relationships. If you don’t believe me ask any of your clients that have been told a seven-year telecoms contract is a good idea – imagine being locked in for seven years.  

We understand, you need a system that can adapt, that makes it easy to work in and out of the office, that makes it easy for your customers and clients to communicate with you, and integrate with your other IT solutions.  

Here are three reasons to choose an IT company to provide your next telecoms solution.  

  1. Improved Communication  

Communication is considered the number one business problem, inside and outside the organisation. With an IT partner, you can create a communications solution that combines, chat, video, calling, emails, texting, conferencing, and customer feedback to improve your marketing, sales and service delivery and it can all be supported by one provider.  

  1. Boosts Flexibility in Working Place 

Using your IT partner, you can create a telecoms solution for your team that can be used in and out of the office on laptops, mobiles, PCs and Macs.  The power of software applications makes it easy for your teams to stay connected, communicate and work collaboratively sharing documents.  

  1. Saves Time, Costs  

Instant virtual meetings make it easy to deliver consultative customer meetings and reduce the costs and time associated with customer travel – There is no need to spend hours driving, or sitting on a train or plane – but if you do need to travel, we can still keep you connected with your team, your customers, and your IT.   

What does a Onestop IT VoIP Solution offer you? section_10

Onestop IT offers full design, installation and support services for VoIP telephone solutions, whether hosted at your premises or in the cloud. We have vast experience of both large and small installations and are able to demonstrate VoIP at your premises using a temporary number. 

These features include – 

Interested? section_11

There is so much to talk about, Yesterday was about telecoms, today it is about communication.  So, if you want a flexible, modern, cost-effective, performance-based system it might be time to do some research and add a phone system replacement to your business plan.  

Contact us for a free consultation about VoIP and our telecoms services. Our consultants will be happy to discuss your business needs with you, find the right solution that fits both your budget and requirements. We offer tailored solutions to suit any size of organisation from small family businesses up to global corporations, so don’t hesitate – get in touch.