Unified Communications Providers UK: What is it and How Can It Help You

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  1. What Is Unified Comms?
  2. Why You Need A Unified Communications Platform
  3. The Disadvantages of Continuing to Use Traditional Telephony
  4. Some of the benefits of using Unified Communications Providers UK include:
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In the business world, communication is key. Whether you’re helping your customers, or simply keeping your team up to date. Having a reliable and efficient communications system in place is essential. If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking for ways to improve your customer experience and make it easier for your employees to communicate. You may also be looking for ways to reduce costs. This is where unified communications providers in the UK come in.

If you’re not sure what Unified Comms is (unified communications) or how it can benefit your business, keep reading. We’ll explain what unified communications are and some of the key benefits that come with using a unified communications solution.

What Is Unified Comms?section_1

Unified Communication is another form of business telephone systems. If you’re still using traditional POTS telephony for your business communications, it may be time to consider upgrading to Unified Communications (UC). UC delivers several advantages over traditional telephony, including; improved customer experience, reduced costs and improved agility. Unified communications (UC) is a term that describes a broad range of communication services that allows employees to connect easily and efficiently to each other and customers.

Unified communications (UC) refers to a broad range of communication services that allow employees to connect easily and efficiently. These services can include instant messaging, video conferencing, VoIP calls, and more.

Many top companies offer UCaaS services, and it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. To help you make the best decision for your company, we’ve put together a list of the best unified communications providers in the UK. Click on ‘Unified Communications Providers UK’ in the Table of Contents to be taken straight to this list.

What is Unified Comms Goals?

The goal of unified communications is to improve communication between employees and customers, as well as reduce the need for travel. This can save businesses time and money, while also improving customer satisfaction levels.

Why You Need A Unified Communications Platformsection_2

Communication is the most important thing to a business. You need to have smooth communication with employees, customers, and business partners. As an IT Manager or Director, communication with others is essential. So having processes that help you achieve smooth communication, is also essential.

You may find yourself in a position where you need to communicate something important with another member of staff. With traditional telephony, your only option would be to give a call and send an email. Or speak in-person. With Unified Communications, you can use voice calling, video calling, instant messaging, online meetings, screen sharing, and much more to communicate. This gives you more opportunities to communicate your message across quickly and effectively.

You may also find yourself in a position where you need to create a smoother customer service experience. With Unified Communications, you can offer customers a range of collaboration tools to get in touch. Customers can choose the method that suits them best and you can be sure that they will receive a quick response. This gives you better customer service as you work with them on their terms.

As an IT Manager or Director, your life will be easier if you offer your customers the best possible service. So why not invest in a system that will improve their experience?

The Disadvantages of Continuing to Use Traditional Telephonysection_3

While traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) telephony has been the standard for businesses for many years, it is now becoming outdated. This is because POTS telephony does not offer the same features and flexibility as UCaaS. As a result, businesses that continue to use POTS telephony can face several disadvantages, including:

Poor customer experience:

Customers can become frustrated when they cannot reach a business easily or have to wait on hold for long periods. This can lead to lost business and/ or damage to your reputation.

Difficult to Communicate With Employees Out of the Office

Another disadvantage of traditional telephony is that it can be difficult to communicate with employees who are out of the office. This is because POTS telephony does not offer features such as instant messaging or video conferencing. As a result, businesses will miss out on opportunities to collaborate and will end up being less productive.

High Cost and Inflexibility

High costs and inflexibility are another disadvantage of traditional telephony. Businesses can end up spending a lot of money on long-distance calls, and they may have to sign contracts that commit them to use the same provider for a set period. This is inflexible as your business may change in the space of that set period, but you are unable to do anything.

In contrast, UCaaS offers many advantages that can help businesses improve their customer experience, reduce costs, and be more agile. Communications services are about more than just talking to one another as communication happens in many forms. Without giving your employees the opportunity to communicate in other ways, it can slow down the productivity of your staff. Reducing your profits.

high cost of traditional telephony

Some of the benefits of using Unified Communications Providers UK include:section_4

Improved Customer Experience:

This is one of the quickest ways your UCaaS can deliver ROI. By providing employees with easy access to information and colleagues, businesses can improve customer service levels. Customers will no longer have to wait on hold or be transferred to different departments; they can simply reach the person they need without any hassle. 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience – this enables you to create better profit margins for your business.

Ease of Communication:

With UCaaS, employees can easily connect no matter where they are in the world. This allows for quick decision-making and reduced response times to customer inquiries. It also provides ease between business processes. If everything is in one place, employees do not need to waste time going between apps. When your employees do not waste time, more work can be completed. Resulting in a greater ROI.

Reduced Costs:

UCaaS can save businesses money in several ways, including reducing travel costs and long-distance charges. In addition, many providers offer features such as call recording and conferencing at no additional cost. Whereas with traditional telephony, maintenance is needed, and there are usually extra charges for long-distance calls. Switching to a UCaaS service can put a stop to these extra charges and save your profits.

Improved Agility:

By consolidating all communications into one platform, businesses can quickly adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. This is essential for companies that operate in fast-paced industries.

Additionally, in today’s market, many employees are looking to work from home. UCaaS can give your employees ease of communication no matter where they are in the world. Your business will then be able to employ the best staff from all across the globe.


Unified communications solutions can help businesses meet a variety of compliance requirements, such as those related to data storage and retention.

About Our Phoenix Call Plan:section_5

Our Phoenix Call plan is a market-leading platform which delivers a range of powerful cloud-hosted telephony features. These features can enable your employees to work from anywhere – enabling you to hire the best in the business. Our plan is designed for any office type: office, home-based and hybrid working. It is one of the best communication tools on the market and as we are a local business, we can come help you with your telephony if needed.

The Other Benefits of Using Our Phoenix Call Product Are:

Utilising our unified communications technology has many benefits, such as:

Unified Communications Providers UKsection_6

Unified communications providers in the UK help you to improve customer satisfaction, by providing a one-stop-shop for your communication needs. Remember: It’s important to consider the needs of your business when choosing a service provider. Unified communications companies utilise and emphasise many different features, make sure you choose the right one for your business.

For all the features you could need from a unified communications provider in the UK, use Phoenix Call.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to improve your customer service and communication needs. We can provide you with a free consultation to assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you.

These are just a few of the top companies for unified communications in the UK. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that can improve your productivity and communication, then contact us today to see what our Phoenix Call solution can do.

Contact Us Today To Find Out Moresection_7

If you are looking to find out more about your unified communications needs, contact us now! A member of our team would be more than happy to discuss the perfect platform for your needs.