VoIP Telecoms Edinburgh: Where do I look?

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  1. Our VoIP Internet Phone Service 
  2. Local Telecoms Support 
  3. No Minimum Telecoms Contract 
  4. VoIP Systems that Support a Wide Range of Phones
  5. Easy Switching 
  6. Flexible VoIP Phone Service Packages 

Are you looking for VoIP Telecoms in Edinburgh? We can help! Onestop IT provide VoIP telecoms in the city of Edinburgh, so if you’re looking for a provider, then we are here to help. Read on to find out more about our VoIP services and how they could benefit your business. 

Our VoIP Internet Phone Service section_1

Our telecoms partner, TelcoSwitch VoIP internet phone service, offers all the features you would expect from an office phone system such as call transfer, voicemail and auto-attendant. 

It also offers many features that are ideal for the new way of working, including: 

It is a flexible and cost-effective phone service that can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of most types of business, from self-employed home workers to companies with large multi-site operations. 

Local Telecoms Support section_2

Our local VoIP phone service customers based in the central belt of Scotland and Aberdeen and the Scottish Borders have the added benefit of hands-on local support. 

We provide a comprehensive site survey as part of our service, which includes an initial site visit to establish client needs and then additional site visits to ensure trouble-free implementation of the service. We also provide one free site visit each year, as well as unlimited phone and email assistance. 

No Minimum Telecoms Contract section_3

Unlike most other VoIP phone services, there is no minimum contract period. The full service or any part of the service can be ceased by giving one month’s notice. 

VoIP Systems that Support a Wide Range of Phones section_4

Because the Premitel internet phone service is based on VoIP technology, it can support many phones, including desk phones and cordless phones. 

VoIP phones are available for £40. 

We also offer an adaptor for £35 that enables existing analogue phones over standard telephone wiring. 

Easy Switching section_5

Our Onestop IT VoIP expert engineers ensure that making the switch to our internet phone service is as painless as possible. 

We’ll handle the transfer of current phone numbers and customise the service and phones to match your specific needs. 

Flexible VoIP Phone Service Packages section_6

We offer a range of flexible service packages that can be tailored to suit the requirements of all types of end-user, from individual home workers to businesses with large multi-site offices. 

We have multiple service packages that will suit the needs of any business. 

Our monthly service charge includes operational support and reasonable configuration changes to match the changing requirements of your business. 

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About Us 

Onestop IT is an established IT solutions company that provides the right solution to solve any technological problem. Serving businesses around the central belt of Scotland and Aberdeen for close to 20 years, we know about technology. 

Our customers are primarily businesses which include the increasing number of home workers. 

We specialise in: 

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Onestop IT, in partnership with TelcoSwitch providing the voice for Scotlands businesses.