Cloud based telephone solutions that make customer calling easier

As more workplaces embrace flexible and remote working it is essential for a business to use a reliable, cloud-based (VoIP) communications system. VoIP can reduce costs and improve the performance of your team whether they are in, or out of the office.
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It's Time to Switch to a Cloud-Based Phone System


Seamless collaboration for your team

Phoenix Call offers a powerful suite of features for contact centres, remote working, and full integration with Microsoft Teams. Our solution works with all the leading CRM platforms to simplify your workflows and increase productivity of your workforce.
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Improve productivity and communications with VoIP and hybrid working


Reduced costs

A cloud-based phone system (VoIP) saves you money on the typical costs of a traditional phone system, such as; phones, cables, maintenance costs, and expensive handsets.


Enhanced collaboration

Phoenix Call integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and CRM platforms to offer improved communications, increased productivity, and smooth team collaboration.


Flexible Working

You can access your VoIP from your desk phone, PC, Mac, laptop, and mobile. So you can make or take business calls at home or even the coffee shop or hotel.

How do you know what’s right for your business?

There are a great number of features that come with Phoenix Call, understanding what functionality your business needs can be confusing. You can work together with our team to build your very own telecoms solution. Why not make a start by taking a look at our telecoms packages so you can choose what’s right for your business.


3 step plan to advance your communications


Contact the Jera team

Get in touch with us so our team can upgrade your business to a fully integrated VoIP phone system.


Design your VoIP solution

Build your very own bespoke solution that offers flexible communication, reduced costs, and improved team productivity.


Communicate effortlessly

Improve customer conversations and free your team to work wherever and whenever they need to.


Why choose cloud-based telephony solutions?

We never know what is around the corner, so make sure your communications system is as adaptable as the rest of your technology. There is no longer a need to be tied to a particular desk or office, so finding a solution that allows your organisation and staff to operate from anywhere makes sense for businesses today. Using cloud-based solutions allows you to maintain your business presence while allowing your staff seamless access to the tools they need to work effectively, wherever they are.


The scalability of cloud-based telephony solutions also makes this ideal for small or growing businesses. This allows you to add extra extensions and features, as and when you need them, and then remove them when you don’t. It also allows smaller organisations access to features that might otherwise only be accessible to larger organisations.

How can we help you with cloud-based telephony solutions?

Alongside excellent IT services, we are now bringing our customers the market-leading hosted telephony system, Phoenix Call. Phoenix Call’s suite of features offers everything you need to cover your unified communications seamlessly and effectively. Whether you need the full suite of features, are looking for a new solution for your call centre or are a start-up looking to manage your communications more flexibly, we have a solution that will work for you.


By working closely with you, we can access the best option for your business and provide a solution that will grow with you. Our expert team are always on hand to support your staff whenever they need it, ensuring your business is always available to your customers.


We can offer you the following options:

• Phoenix Call Lite
• Phoenix Call Business
• Phoenix Call Centre

How is Phoenix Call different from other providers?

Phoenix Call brings together a powerful unified communications system and a leading provider of IT services in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Offering a variety of options, we can support you in selecting and setting up the right telephony system for your business needs and help to integrate them with your current systems and technology.


We offer industry-leading network resilience to ensure your business is always accessible. We choose to partner with Phoenix Call as they share our commitment to offering innovative and efficient solutions at an affordable price.


As a leading provider of technology services in Glasgow and Edinburgh we can offer you:

• Years of expertise that mean we can support your IT and communications to ensure they always run smoothly.
• The flexibility to find a solution that works for you.
• Reassurance that your systems are taken care of, so that you can focus on other areas of your business.
• 24/7 support, so there is always someone here to help whenever you need them.
• A portfolio of clients who recognise the difference we have made to their businesses.

What hosted telecoms packages do we offer?

Phoenix Call for Jera has a range of different packages to suit your needs:


• Phoenix Call Lite


Phoenix Call Lite offers a full range of call handling and management features that allows you to mobilise your workforce efficiently and affordably. Including features such as: Instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, CRM integration, auto attendant and Microsoft Teams integration, alongside many more.


• Phoenix Call Business


Phoenix Call Business is the perfect option for smaller businesses. Offering all the core functionality of our Unified Communications system at an attractive price point for SMEs.


• Phoenix Call Centre


Our Call Centre edition gives your organisation full visibility and control over your call centre service. With a secure administration portal, intelligent call queues, wall boards and call monitoring, amongst many other features, our solution allows you to focus on providing an excellent service to your customers.

Why should you choose us as your hosted telecoms phone service?

• Care – we care about our customers and want to ensure the services you buy from us enhance your business.
• Transparency – we believe in being open and transparent and apply this to all communications with our customers.
• Understanding – we believe understanding your unique business is key to providing a service that works for everyone.

What are the benefits of using a hosted telecoms system?

Having a fully integrated communications system makes sense for today’s workforce that is increasingly mobile and always looking for solutions to increase productivity and access to services. Using a hosted telephony system allows you all the features you need to run the communications of your business at an affordable price. It also allows you the flexibility to manage your workforce remotely without any disruption to your service.

How do you pick the right provider for your hosted telephony service?

As with any service, picking the right provider for your business is important. We partner with CallSwitch as their values aligned with ours. Finding a service that offers the features you need and cares about your business, means that you will know you are in safe hands.

Are we GDPR compliant?

As your telephony system will be handling and recording customer data, it is important that your provider is compliant with the GDPR. CallSwitch and Onestop are fully GDPR compliant, you can find out more in our Privacy Notice.

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