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Is Your Business Wasting Precious Working Hours on IT Problems?

Do your employees keep complaining about how they can't get ahold of your IT Support in Glasgow? Is your IT Support Desk is already at full capacity and can't reply fast enough to tickets? Did you know your IT Support having slow responses to tickets equals a substancial loss of productivity? The worst of it being you're losing substancial revenue with the loss in productivity? Then you don't want to waste even more revenue on the high cost of in-house IT Support?
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Your Business Shouldn't Be Held Back By Your IT Support In Glasgow

We understand that when your IT goes down, your employees’s productivity goes down. You deserve IT Support in Glasgow that cares about keeping your business productive and your revenue increasing!

For your business to function properly, it’s important to have reliable IT services in Glasgow. Switch to an IT company that makes everything easy and hassle-free!

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  • 20 years of experience in IT

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Why Do You Need IT Support?

In an increasingly digital world, almost every company will use technology to a greater or lesser extent. For most companies, managing their IT infrastructure is a full-time job in itself. Ensuring you have technology you can rely on can save a business time and money. Businesses also have a responsibility to their customers to ensure that the technology they invest in is easy-to-use, safe and keeps their data secure.

Many companies won’t have the time or expertise to ensure their IT remains compliant, up-to-date, and effective. Even if you do have the expertise in-house, you may not have the resources or resilience to dedicate to IT management. Trying to do everything yourself, when it comes to IT, is often where companies run into trouble. Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on growing and managing your business instead?

What Makes Us A Leading Provider of IT Support Services in Glasgow?

  • Our knowledge and years of expertise means we can ensure your technology and systems are innovative, up-to-date and, crucially, fit for purpose. We provide the service that your business needs.
  • We offer the flexibility to choose the services and level of support you need for your business.
  • We are active members of HTG IT support peer group. This enables us to benchmark our services, stay ahead of the curve and identify ways to continuously improve our support.
  • The growth of your business is important to us, so we make sure you have the IT services you need to get your business where you want it to go.
  • We offer 24/7 support, so there is always someone here to help whenever you need them.
  • We have been operating since 2003 and have a portfolio of clients who recognise the difference we have made to their businesses.

How Can Onestop Help You Manage Your IT?

We aim to make your IT support as seamless and as efficient as possible, ensuring that your business enjoys the maximum advantage from its investment in technology. To enable you to do this we can provide the following bespoke services:

  • Helpdesk solutions
  • IT vendor management
  • IT auditing and reporting
  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance
  • Backup and disaster recovery

How Are We Different To Other Managed IT Support Providers?

Unlike other providers in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we focus on your business first. By understanding your structure and needs, we can build an IT support system around you. This means your staff can trust that the technology they use every day will provide them with what they need to concentrate on their job. We recognise that outsourcing your IT is an investment and we want to help you to maximise the benefits of this.


We are proud that our customers recognise us as innovative and proactive. We believe in developing strong working relationships with our customers through transparent communication and a true understanding of your business. Our years of expertise and up-to-date knowledge mean we can ensure you are getting the services you need to run your business, without worrying about your technology.

What IT Support Services Do We Offer?

Our managed IT support allows you to pick and choose from the services you need, to ensure that your IT becomes one less thing to worry about.

Our services cover:

  • Helpdesk Solutions
  • Our helpdesk solution provides IT assistance for those day-to-day IT queries. It may be helping to install a new piece of software or support for staff having trouble connecting to the network. We can help to resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently.
  • IT Vendor management
  • Since the introduction of GDPR, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are working with the right vendors/suppliers for your business. Not doing your due diligence could result in a data breach that you may be liable for. Our system can help you select vendors, negotiate contracts, control costs, reduce vendor-related risks and ensure service delivery.
  • IT auditing and reporting
  • Our IT auditing and reporting service is used to measure the effectiveness of your IT security. Reports like this are vital to highlight any potential areas of weakness that could leave your systems vulnerable. An attack resulting in loss of service, or a data breach could cost your business in time, money, and reputation. A proactive approach to security will give you essential insight and your customers peace of mind that your business and their data are protected from potential attacks.
  • Real-time IT monitoring and maintenance
  • Monitoring your IT in real-time is essential to respond quickly to any problems. It also enables you to pre-empt any potential issues, saving you time and resources in the long run. Our service will monitor the efficiency of your systems and keeps track of how much is spent on things like server upgrades and repairs.
  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • Even the best technology can run into problems, and if it does you want the peace of mind to know that your provider will have you back up and running as soon as possible. Purchasing back-up and disaster recovery can be the difference between your systems being down for a few hours or a few days, potentially resulting in huge loss of time, resources, and business.

Why Should You Choose Onestop As Your Managed IT Service Provider?

  • Care – we care about your organisation and providing the right services so you can deliver the vision for your business.
  • Transparency – we believe in transparent communication and involving you in every step.
  • Understanding – we work closely with you to understand your business and translate these needs into action plans to support your business growth.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident of our ability to deliver, we guarantee that your business will run better, or we will give you your money back. For us, a business IT system that is running well is evidenced through fewer service tickets and reduced downtime.


It is so important that you have full confidence in whoever delivers your IT Support, but if you are still not sure then our guarantees will give you peace of mind:

  • 90 day walk away option during the on‐boarding period.
  • 90 day refund of all IT care charges during the on‐boarding period.
  • We’ll pay for the first month of your IT support with an alternative provider of your choice.

Additional IT Services in Glasgow


IT Strategy

If you don't have an IT Strategy in place, then now is the time to develop one. Our Glasgow IT Support specialists can help ensure your strategy is fit for purpose.


IT Security

In today's world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. It's essential to take steps to protect your business from all cyberthreats.



With remote working becoming more common, it is essential that businesses have a reliable and secure it infrastructure in place. Get all-in-one connectivity today!

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