Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable for Your Business?

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  1. What is A VoIP Phone System?
  2. What Are Traditional Business Landlines And How Do They Compare?
  3. So, Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable?
  4. VoIP Phones Are More Reliable Than Traditional Desk Phones
  5. The Disadvantages of VoIP – Are VoIP Phone Systems Really Reliable?
  6. The Disadvantages of VoIP Are Outweighed by The Advantages – Summary of VoIP Phone Systems’ Reliability

There’s a big question that business owners need to ask themselves when it comes to their telecoms – are VoIP phone systems reliable? VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

VoIP has been around for a while now and has become increasingly popular thanks to its many advantages over traditional telephony. But are VoIP phone systems reliable? And how can it’s reliability benefit your business? In this blog post, we will explore VoIP and its reliability in more detail.

What is A VoIP Phone System?section_1

Voice over Internet Telephony is a technology that uses the internet to transmit voice data in the form of signals. This means that you can make calls using VoIP without a traditional phone system.

VoIP Calls

To do this, you will need a broadband internet connection, a mobile device and an IP phone. Once you have these set up, you can make and receive phone calls just like you would with a regular landline phone. The main advantage of VoIP phones is that they’re much cheaper than traditional business telecoms.

VoIP Services

Most VoIP phones are cheaper because you don’t need to pay for costly phone lines – all you need is an internet connection. In addition, VoIP offers many features that are not available with traditional phones, such as caller ID, call waiting, video conferencing and much more.

What Are Traditional Business Landlines And How Do They Compare?section_2

A Traditional phone system is usually one that is only available in the office, and has features such as voice calls and call forwarding. The most widely used traditional landline is POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

Plain Old Telephone Service

Traditional business telecoms are the old-fashioned, copper wire-based phone lines that have been around for decades.

Physical Infrastructure

POTS (the traditional telephony) is less reliable than VoIP because it relies on physical infrastructure which can be damaged by weather or other disasters. This means that your business could lose phone service if there’s a power outage or severe weather conditions.

More Expensive

Traditional business telecoms are also more expensive than VoIP. This is because you have to pay for the physical phone lines as well as the equipment needed to run them.

No Option for Remote Working

Traditional phone lines may also be more expensive for staff turnover as they do not offer the option to work from home. Many employees are now looking for more working from home options, so if this is not available, they may look elsewhere. This could have a high cost to your business as you will need to recruit and train more often.

So, Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable?section_3

VoIP phones are less expensive than traditional business landlines. This is because you don’t have to pay for physical phone lines or equipment. But does this make them more reliable?

Internet telephony (VoIP) is usually much more reliable than traditional business landlines because:

No Physical Infrastructure 

VoIP providers don’t rely on physical infrastructure and so VoIP can be routed over the internet. This means that your business can still make and receive calls even if there’s a power outage or severe weather conditions.

VoIP calls can also be back running as soon as you have an internet connection or data.

Reduced Downtime – Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable?

Another advantage of a VoIP service is that they have reduced downtime. VoIP can be repaired quickly and easily if there’s a problem – compared to traditional business landlines.

Improved Flexibility

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also more flexible than traditional business landlines. Improved flexibility makes VoIP systems more reliable as businesses can quickly adapt to changing needs without worrying their systems will fail.

For example, if your business moves to a new office, you can easily take your VoIP system with you without the need for expensive and disruptive installation work.

It Increases Your Internet Security

Usually with a VoIP service provider, there are extra internet security measures in place to keep your data protected. VoIP phones often come with features that increase security such as call recording and firewalls. Giving you more data security and the ability to have secure calls.

This makes VoIP more reliable than traditional telephony, as they have more systems in place to reduce access to information. Traditional phone systems have been known to be vulnerable to phone tapping.

You Can Save Calls 

Calls are saved onto the cloud (with encryption), so you have access to your previous data and others don’t. This makes VoIP systems reliable for your business as it can act as a back-up in case you lose any important data.

VoIP telephones are encrypted so that nobody can access your data and it is made to support your data protection.

VoIP brings connectivity. Connection in business. Business communications

VoIP Phones Are More Reliable Than Traditional Desk Phonessection_4

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a VoIP system for your business. Not only are they more reliable than traditional phone lines, but they also offer businesses with a way to improve their communication whilst being safe online.

VoIP phone systems are more reliable than traditional business landlines because they’re not reliant on physical infrastructure and are more flexible.

Ideal for Businesses

VoIP is ideal for businesses who want a reliable telecoms solution that isn’t disrupted by power outages or severe weather conditions.

The Disadvantages of VoIP – Are VoIP Phone Systems Really Reliable?section_5

Depends on Internet Connection – The Problem with VoIP Phone Systems’ Reliability

The main disadvantage of VoIP is that it solely depends on your internet connection. If you have a poor internet connection or limited bandwidth, then you may sometimes struggle with VoIP calls.

Complex Set Up

Another disadvantage of VoIP is that it can be quite complex to set up. If you’re not familiar with VoIP, hire a professional who can get you started.

When using our VoIP service, you will have a team of helpful professionals to guide you through the process.

Are These Disadvantages Always The Case?

However, most businesses in the UK now have access to a high speed internet connection and so this issues with VoIP is unusual.

Typically, the issues surrounding VoIP reliability are not relevant nowadays with the high speed internet connection most people have.

The Disadvantages of VoIP Are Outweighed by The Advantages – Summary of VoIP Phone Systems’ Reliabilitysection_6

The following advantages of VoIP are the reason why more and more businesses are making the switch to VoIP:

VoIP systems are also more affordable than traditional business desk phones, making them a more attractive option for small businesses who are looking to save money.

With all the advantages of VoIP services compared to a traditional telecoms system, it is no wonder why many businesses have already swapped their traditional phone system to the more reliable VoIP systems.

More Advantages Than Disadvantages – Conclusions of ‘Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable?’

So, Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable? Yes, VoIP phone systems are reliable and offer many advantages over traditional business landlines for your business. If you’re looking for a new business telecoms solution, then VoIP could be the perfect choice for you!

Here at Onestop IT, we are cybersecurity specialists for small to medium businesses (SMBs). We are here to help with all your VoIP needs.

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