RZ Group

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Background to RZ Group.

RZ Group is a leading recruitment agency specialising in financial services, engineering and the public sector.

In recent years, they’ve undergone rapid expansion, opening offices in London and Bolton to complement their Edinburgh HQ.

Onestop and the RZ Group have a special relationship as they’re grown together. Lisa Kwiecinska, RZ Group’s Operations Director, recalls: “When we started out, it was only two of us in a tiny office, but we now have 50 staff across three sites. Onestop have been with us from the beginning and have played a huge part in our development.”


Many of RZ Group’s clients operate in the financial sector which has strict guidelines for IT support due to the confidential and sensitive nature of information. This means that all Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) must be ISO 27001 compliant, ensuring latest regulations are met and risk is minimised.

Recently, this compliance issue had been affecting RZ Group’s sales, as the in-house servers were deemed vulnerable – effectively, anyone could have walked in and stolen them. The client required an upgrade immediately to protect their cyber security .

Onestop IT

Onestop IT efficiently switched servers to a secure data centre in the cloud, with controlled access and 24/7 security. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is managed with encrypted links between sites, ensuring no unauthorised access is allowed.

The private cloud service also allows people to connect to the network remotely, giving staff the option to work from home. A comprehensive firewall enables this, and greater access means improved efficiency, allowing the company to continue its growth.

“In the past, if the server in Bolton ever went down, engineers would have to drive there; a 4-5-hour journey from Edinburgh. We can’t afford that sort of downtime, so it became essential to switch over [to the cloud].” said Lisa.


The original network required individual servers in each office, but we’ve now upgraded to a cloud-based system, which is far more reliable and secure. The new server is also very local to Onestop IT, so any issues can be resolved within 20 minutes, but such problems are extremely rare.