Marketing Internship at Onestop

Have you ever wondered who is behind a companies social media posts? Or who actually writes posts on Google? You could now with our Marketing Internship.

You’ve probably heard about the negative things of a Internships from many American movies, but with us, this isn’t the case. Our interns are treated like part of the ‘Tribe’ of Jera. They are always involved, and treated great – no fetching coffee for you today (unless it’s your turn to offer it!).

Jera is a IT company that specialises in Cybersecurity, IT Support, Telecoms, Cloud solutions and IT Strategy. We’re looking for an intern to help us with our social media strategy, blog posts and more! We are an ever expanding company, looking to gain more internet traffic. We use different social media posts, blog posts, video posts (like this one), emails etc. to generate traffic.

At Jera, we have many apprenticeships and internships available, as Marketing is just one of the types of internships we offer. Our interns have loved working with us, so why you don’t you try it out today? Create your own blog posts, YouTube videos, email sequences, website development, and many more with us. The development in this role is second-to-none, you’ll always have new things to try.

If you don’t try it, you’ll never know! Don’t be one of the people who play it safe, get a marketing internship today with Jera.

Interested? Fill in the form below and attach your CV. See what can happen if you take the risk, you never know what can happen.

We look forward to hearing from you.