Why are Businesses Choosing IT Outsourcing?

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Technology has come to play a crucial role in everyday business operations and most of the times it can either enable or hinder the success of your organisation.

In this context, it’s then no wonder that more and more businesses are moving away from managing everything in-house (which can be both time- and budget-consuming), and are choosing to partner with specialised IT support companies.
According to KPMG we are entering a “radical new world of outsourcing”, as IT is being recognised as a business enabler. Many organisations are starting to recognise the value in outsourcing their IT and decide to leverage the expertise and experience of top IT engineers by partnering with expert IT providers. (read: Why businesses are turning to managed IT services)

But what are the main priorities that organisations are focusing on when they partner with a managed IT service provider, and what could you expect to see in your own organisation once you make the switch? This graph illustrates how businesses like yours are leveraging managed IT services to reduce their running costs and increase the ROI on their IT spend:

In this data collated from KPMG’s IT Outsourcing Service Provider Performance & Satisfaction Study, the top mentioned reason why businesses are choosing to pursue outsourced IT services is ‘cost saving’. Your organisation will be able to reduce costs because you will not need to recruit, hire and on-board new employees through a costly training process, you will not have to pay for their benefits, prevent turnover or worry about managing them properly. All this will be handled by the IT partner who will provide highly skilled engineers able to resolve all your IT needs. Moreover, the engineers will continue to further develop their skills inside the IT service provider’s organisation, and you will benefit from their increased expertise.

Secondly, you can experience a much better remediation process and see an increase in the quality of your IT, as the outsourced team of engineers are highly trained. You should particularly be looking for an IT provider that invests in training their engineers continuously and you will soon start seeing the difference between having a larger, specialised team working ready to support you and your employees, rather than only having a few in-house resources supporting your entire company’s staff. (read: 4 ways outsourcing your IT can really help your business grow).

However, it’s important to understand that not all businesses are created equal and so the not all will have the same goals. For this reason, it is always crucial that you discuss your business goals and priorities with your IT provider, to ensure technology will be able to support your business in the best way. If you would like to get a head start and find out how technology can enable growth for your organisation, we offer a free IT discovery workshop which you can book here.

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