How to Save Money with IT: A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of Contents

  1. Why does the IT department receive a low IT budget?
  2. What essential IT services and solutions should you prioritise your IT budget on?
  3. How IT support can save you money
  4. How IT security can save you money
  5. How an IT strategy can save you money
  6. Need help to set your IT budget?

It is common for businesses to view IT as an unnecessary cost, which is why the IT department is often given an incredibly low IT budget. However, in today’s digital world, technology couldn’t be more important for the development and growth of a business. So how can your IT department successfully support the organisation with such a low IT budget? There are in fact several ways it can be done.

Why does the IT department receive a low IT budget?section_1

IT is often seen as an unnecessary cost because it’s not always clear to see how it adds value to the business. If you don’t hear any news about your technology, that usually means your IT is doing its job correctly. For example, the purpose of an IT security service/solution is to ensure that cybersecurity threats don’t impact the business in any way, meaning you the Business Owner or IT Manager won’t hear any news about your IT security service/solution when it’s fulfilling its purpose.

This is the case with many IT services and solutions because their responsibility is to ensure IT is working well to help your business operate smoothly without any disruptions. So the less you hear about your technology, the better. That is how IT can be easily overlooked by the hierarchy of a business.

What essential IT services and solutions should you prioritise your IT budget on?section_2

To make sure IT is supporting business development and growth whilst working with just a small IT budget, it’s crucial to understand what IT services and solutions are absolutely necessary to spend money on. The four main services and solutions for any business are IT support, IT security, VoIP telecoms, and cloud solutions (e.g. Microsoft 365). IT support services can be extremely valuable because you can pay a small monthly fee for a team of IT specialists to help and support your team members and the business’ technology. IT security is important for obvious reasons to protect your business. VoIP telecoms are a cheap alternative to office phones, but they are not tied down to the office and can be used anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 are inexpensive yet essential to allow your team to work together collaboratively.

How IT support can save you moneysection_3

One of the best ways that IT support can save you money is by preventative maintenance. This means that potential problems are identified and fixed before they cause any real damage or disruption. For example, if a PC or server is faulty and stopping your team from working, you can ask the IT support team to identify the problem and put measures in place to stop it from happening again. This kind of proactive approach can save you a lot of money in the long run as it prevents major issues from occurring.

Another way that IT support can save you money is by helping you to make better use of technology. They can do this by providing training and advice on how to use specific software or hardware products more effectively. For example, they might show you how to set up a shared folder so that multiple people can access it, or how to use a particular piece of software in a more efficient way.

In hindsight, outsourcing your IT support will cost little money and ensure your business is constantly running smoothly. Ultimately saving your business time and avoiding any unexpected costs further down the line.

How IT security can save you moneysection_4

IT security is another area where you can save money by investing in the right services and solutions. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to protect your business against cyber threats. However, the more you spend on IT security services and solutions, the safer your business will be. A cybersecurity breach can cost a business a lot of money, sometimes damaging them so badly they have no other choice but to liquidate. So investing in IT security will save your business money by avoiding a breach that can cause monetary and operational chaos.

A good IT security solution to invest in if you have little IT budget to spend is an MDR (managed detection & response) solution. This is downloaded onto all PCs in the business to continuously monitor a machine. When it identifies a possible security threat, it alerts the IT team so they can fix the issue before it can penetrate the business. A small investment in IT security services and solutions such as MDR will ensure your business is protected from a cyber attack.

How an IT strategy can save you moneysection_5

The purpose of an IT strategy is to provide a comprehensive plan that details how IT can and should be used to meet IT and business goals. The first stage of an IT strategy is to determine what state the current technology is in, outline what the business wants to achieve, and work out how IT can help them achieve their goals. An IT strategy can save you money because it uncovers how technology is holding your team back and helps you understand what can be done to improve the current set up so you can save money and further enhance the business. A proper roadmap for your IT also makes sure there are no unexpected costs or issues in the near future that could negatively impact your team and the business. Unlike the other IT services and solutions, carrying out an IT strategy doesn’t cost you any money. However, you can pay an IT expert to help you create an effective strategy.

Need help to set your IT budget?section_6

If you’re unsure how to set an IT budget for your business, we would recommend that you create an IT strategy. Understanding your current IT and setting a roadmap for your business and its technology makes it easy for you to set an annual IT budget. If you don’t know how technology can help you meet your business goals, one of our IT specialist consultants can clear this up for you. Get in touch today by calling us on 0131 5100 100 or fill out a contact form on the website.